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About NewReach

Forged to Inspire

We’re a multi-disciplinary consulting team focusing on layering innovative technology solutions within build environments. We always start by addressing the ‘whys’ of a project helping your teams understand the end game. Artfully-forged to inspire and enrich user-experiences, we approach every project with a clean canvas. After all, it’s always about the journey; how you get there, there are many pathways.

Our "why" is to be Sherpa-like; living to educate, guide and to teach. Leveraging our passion and experience, we help create experiential & interstitial moments that embody proven digital engagement strategies. We fuse your brand voice while balancing & achieving your business objectives. Connecting the dots between the digital and the physical is easier "said than done" - we’ve been successful in creating impressionistic results for over 20 collective years.

About What We Do

Connecting Digital to the Physical

  • Content Strategies & Deficit Assessment
  • Content Design & Development
  • Technology Planning & Implementation (hardware/software specifications)
  • Programming, Workflow & Training Considerations
  • Installation, Connectivity & Electrical Planning
  • Ongoing Management & Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Project Management Services

Working collaboratively & synergistically, digital engagement ideas typically start with a Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) which establishes an alignment of project stakeholders' goals. The DNA delivers a blueprint that educates and guides teams adding value layering in a new language of digital engagement strategies and technologies.

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Our Process

  • 01


    Project Needs Alignment / Discovery (project components + ROM budgets).

  • 02


    Break down project components/speck technologies and layer in content strategies.

  • 03


    Ideate + create interface / environmental look and feel - Content Creation

  • 04


    Coding and creation of application and physical assets.

  • 05

    Quality Check

    Stress test, user and bug testing. Execute / Project Management

Our Team

Your Virtual Guides

We offer creative, technical, and organizational expertise with a personal touch to help reach your digital project goals.

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Roger Starkweather


Artfully leads the NewReach team with over 20 years of digital experiential development expertise. He is an expert in the design/build process and holds two non-profit board positions for SEGD and the Board of Governors for the Columbia Tower Club, Seattle.
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Erik Molano


As a designer and creative director, he has worked with Microsoft, Netflix, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, XPRIZE, Warp Records, Guitar Center, Tableau, Southern California Public Radio, Suntory, The California Institute of Technology, and the Seattle Art Museum.
creative director


Has over 20 years of interactive development and technical experience. He has worked in a range of business sectors with both large and small clients. He is fluent in the following languages C#, Javascript, PHP, JAVA, MySQL, .NET, JAVA, HTML 5, and CSS.
Our Client Experience

Travel Companions

We have relevant experience in retail, broadcast, museum, pharmaceutical, banking, real estate, and technology markets.

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Columbia Center

Brand/Content Creation / On-Going Agency Support

Project Goal - Create new content ideas for existing Digital Signage Network. Client Goals - A CMS system that has an Ease of Use, Always refreshed content Create new Brand Voice = "Refined Hipster", Be Authentic, Be part of the Seattle Communities, above all, Honor the Tenants.

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Pacific Place

Content Creation / Project Management Skills

Project Goal: Create Artistic Voices in the CIty. Create an emotional connection showcasing the glory of Seattle & its Communities - overlay connects to Pacific Place. Client Goals - Design voice is Avant-Garde with a Purpose. DESIGN A PREMIERE ART WALL " A gathering place to be inspired"

creative director

Catalyst Activation

Digital Needs Assessment (DNA)

Project Goal: Explore the "why’s" of the client goals then realize and begin a deeper discovery of "what’s possible. Group discovery is only realized when multiple design languages are entwined. And once aligned, a common voice is presented back to the client that encircles the project goals and delivers a comprehensive solution; ideally with reach & scale. Client Goals: Exploring new ways of connecting audience experiences to sublimely-designed environment spaces through digital engagement strategies.
creative director

WaFd Bank

DNA / Content Creation / Project Management

Project Goal: Ideate Create, Produce and Deploy First-ever Digital Engagement packages for their HQ remodel. Client Goals: Establish a "digital-First" brand campaign embarking on creating standards and pushing their brand into new markets.

WaFd bank, HomeStreet Bank, Nordstrom, Westfield, Hershey, General Mills, Google, Catalyst Activation, Pacific Place

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Roger Starkweather
Seattle, WA, 98116